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In my experience, English translations help a lot. You should try them instead of Spanish dictionaries because they enable super fast understanding. This is not laziness! The extra work of deciphering a Spanish definition can distract you from the text, and cause you to lose focus and hence motivation. If you prefer using a Spanish dictionary, that’s completely fine, but give translations a shot in the interactive demo below and judge their usefulness yourself:

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What’s available to read?

You can read the news, novels, biographies, song lyrics, whatever interests you. Some of the most popular websites with users of the Web Reader Chrome Extension are:

In addition, texts and videos are shared amongst the Readlang community, for example:

And the best source of all… you! This is a flexible tool for whatever interests you, whether it’s science fiction, current affairs, technology blogs, or Harry Potter. You can read any website or upload any plain text or epub text to your private account on Readlang.

Get words to stick

While you read, Readlang stores every word and phrase you translate as a flashcard to help you learn. These flashcards use a spaced repetition algorithm to schedule words at intervals which optimize the rate of vocabulary acquisition. It operates similar to the popular open source app Anki, and in fact you can export your list of words to study in Anki if you prefer.

If you decide to use Readlang’s flashcard system instead of Anki’s you’ll get one key benefit. Your words will be prioritized based on their frequency. This further optimizes the learning process by teaching you the most useful words in the language first.

So… what’s this going to cost me?

Not much, in fact everything is free with generous limits, or unlimited usage is only $6 / month or $48 / year.

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