About Readlang
Readlang aspires to be the best reading tool in the world for language learners. It lets you:
Read any native content. The Chrome extension and browser bookmarklets enable reading or importing of almost any website. Copy and paste or file upload enables you to read almost any digital text you can get your hands on, including entire novels.
Rapidly understand new words and phrases with the aid of translations, dictionaries and AI based explanations. Unlike some other websites which are full of clutter and adverts, the reading interface in Readlang is designed to be as clean and distraction free as possible, allowing you to immerse yourself in the content of the text as much as possible.
Learn words in context using flashcards. From all the new words and phrases you encounter while reading, Readlang picks the most useful words for you to practice based on word frequency lists. As you practice, Readlang schedules words using a spaced repetition algorithm.
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I'm Steve Ridout, creator of Readlang and previously a staff software engineer at Duolingo where I created the Duolingo Stories feature. You can find more about me at steveridout.com.
I created Readlang because I couldn't find a simple tool to learn Spanish the way I wanted to, by reading novels and other native content.
You can contact support or leave feedback via the feedback forum.

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