Online eReader
Not ready to tackle a novel? Think again...
  • Enjoy the story instead of stressing about the language with fast inline translations
  • Context-aware explanations of words and phrases using AI
  • Clean distraction free interface
  • Ideal for reading on your phone or tablet
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Learn words faster in context
  • Use the words you have translated to create flashcards
  • Boost your vocabulary with fun and effective flashcards
  • Words are prioritized by their usefulness
  • Spaced repetition algorithm adapts to your ability
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Web Reader
Browse the web in your target language
  • Focus on the story instead of the language with super fast click-to-translate
  • Import plain text version to read later
  • Discover great webpages in Spanish, French, or whichever language you're learning
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Video Player
Have fun with songs and conversations
  • Practice listening with full transcriptions
  • Clean distraction free interface
  • Upload and sync' transcriptions to YouTube videos and share your creation
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Customizable Dictionary
Dig into the meaning of a word
  • Open a popup dictionary from the Web Reader
  • Sidebar dictionary in online eReader
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Vocab Manager
Collect your words and phrases
  • Look back over everything you translated
  • Edit, delete, star or your favorite words
  • Export your words and phrases to practice in Anki
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